Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bloggy Basketball Bracket Fun!

The 64 teams have been chosen and that only means one thing...MARCH MADNESS IS HERE! I am a big college basketball fan and a year has not passed since I was 10 that I have not done a bracket or 2 or 12. So I thought it would be great fun to have some bloggy bracket fun. This is just for fun (and bragging rights). I hope to come up with a button icon for the contest (if I can figure out to make one and get it to work. So if anyone can give me some advice that would be fabulous...I'll start out by visiting blogging basics 101.)

I am running this here contest through cbs sportsline. Click here to pick your teams and join the fun. First you will need to email me (dontgivehimcrackers at hotmail dot com) to get the group's password...then you can join the group at the above link.

You don't have to be a basketball fan or even know that "traveling" is more than just a trip to a tourist trap! All you have to do is pick the team whose name you like the best or who is going to be the "Cinderella" team and upset some big namers. Trust me, I am no expert...and in my family the person who wins often knows the least about the teams. This is also not limited to blogging folks only. If anyone wants to participate feel free to email me as well at the above address.

There will be only one bracket entry per person, so choose carefully. The games begin on Thursday, March 15th, at noon eastern time so all entries will need to be completed prior to then. 1 point will be rewarded for all first round correct winners, 2 for the second round, 3 for the third round, and so on. You will be asked to enter the final game score for a tie-breaker.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and sign up. And remember this is just for fun and bragging rights. Be sure the keep the trash talking clean!

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