Monday, May 19, 2008

Restocking the Baby Supplies

If you have a Kroger (or affiliate) near you who is currently honoring the Huggies $4 off $20 purchase this week then get out your coupons and get thee to Kroger.

I purchased 7 Huggies' Bodywash for the grand total of $6.43 (before tax).

These were each $2.99 each = $20.93
$4 was automatically taken off for purchasing $20 in Huggies items= $16.93
I used 7 -- $1.50 off Huggies' body wash= $6.43

We are stocked up for a long time now!

Last week I took advantage of this deal by purchasing 2 Huggies' Pull-ups at $9.49/ea = $18.98 plus one package of Huggies wipes = $2.50 = $21.48
$4 Huggies deal = $17.48
2 $2 Pull Ups coupons = $13.48
.50 cent Huggies wipes (doubled to $1) = $12.48
$2 Shortcuts coupon = $10.48

Great deals my friends! You can do it too!

One deal I wish I had enough coupons for would be to purchase 8 Huggies wipes at $2.50/ea. = $20
$4 off $20 = $16
8 50cents wipes coupons (double to $1) = $8

I don't need wipes right now, plus I just purchased 4 packs of CleanTeam wipes for a grand total of 56 CENTS at WalMart! You can do it too, you can get details about this deal here. I found the wipes in the personal care section, not the baby section.


Jessie said...

You inspire me. :)
Where do you get your coupons?

Jessica said...

Hey Jessie -- the coupons I used in this deal I got from a consignment sale. There were packages of 10 Huggies newborn diaper samples for $2 inside each package were several high $ Huggies coupons. I plan on giving the diapers to my sister-in-law and all the coupons I am using for my own benefit! :) I trade coupons from I am in a children's circle which has only child related coupons. I get these each week and send out some each week to someone. I also trade with co-workers who don't use them, etc. Be sure to get the Sunday paper and stock up. Have family members save them for you too!