Saturday, May 3, 2008

Help! I'm throwing a baby shower!

I am hosting a Baby Shower for sister-in-law in June. By nature I don't appear to be a hospitable person; however, deep down I love doing these kinds of things.

But I need some help. I want to use unique Baby Shower invitations, i.e. not purchased at the typical party store. My sister-in-law loves daisies so I am envisioning a daisy themed shower. So, I need all you creative folks out there to help me.

Do you have any recommendations for invitations purchased online? I want something simple, classic and hopefully incorporating daisies.

What are your favorite baby shower games? I have a few ideas from baby showers I have attended, but I'd love any new ideas. Again, I'd like to do something unique and different.

And, what about the cake? The shower is at 2p.m. and I plan to serve only cake (maybe ice cream, what do you think?), mints and peanuts. Nothing too fancy. For my local readers, do you have any recommendations on where to purchase the cake?

I aso plan to make a diaper cake (man, I sure hope my sister-in-law doesn't read my blog, I really have no idea if she does). I have made one before and it turned out alright; however, I'm open for any recommendations on that as well.

Oh, and she's having a girl, if that makes a difference in your recommendations!

Thanks ladies!


Mrs. Who said...

Don't EVEN think about going anywhere but Mondelli's. Their cakes are reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. I got to try two cakes just recently at events and ordered one for my niece's shower last week. I got chocolate with butter cream icing and it tasted homemade. They will put two little booties on each piece so when you cut it, everyone has booties. It was darling. You can also get half chocolate and half white cake for a little more.

Anonymous said...

I went to a shower once where the favors were small square envelopes with two holes punched near the top with a ribbon tied in a bow. Then, a cut out square (a little smaller than the envelop) of cute paper was glued on the envelope. You could use some daisy paper if you could find it. Then, another little white square of paper was glued on top of that with, "A Baby is Brewing!" typed on it. There was some cute picture under it and then "Kristi's Baby Shower, Date".
Inside each envelope was a bag of flavored tea. I thought it was the cutest idea!

Carrie Hewitt said...

Jessica, has some cheap, cute invitations. They have a great selection too. I love the shower favor idea from the person above, if you have the time to do something like that. Good Luck!

Rebecca said...

try i wrote a blog and posted a link about them back when i won that travel mug

Anonymous said...

A cute gift idea for a girl is a onesie boquet where you roll up pink onesies to look like roses. and accent with fake flowers(or real) On the invitation you could include a request for diapers in any and all sizes or instead of a card have each guest give a favorite childrens book (They can write their message in the book)An easy game is the clothes pin game...everyone wears a clothespin with a word like baby, girl, mother, pink, pregnant etc and if you get caught saying the word on your pin you have to hand it over. The person with the most wins. An idea for centerpieces is little stuffed or baby toys that the mother can take home. I have been to alot of baby showers. I hope you can use some of these ideas.