Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a jam

I've had so many things to blog about recently, but I just can't concentrate after a long day at work to post them. I found a few moments recently to catch up on some posts so now I have something to entertain you all with...or at least for you to read!

A couple Sundays ago we returned home from church to discover that our front door knob was stuck. We unlocked the door to enter our house and it would not open. After determining that the door actually was unlocked and trying to unlock the backdoor (which we found out we don't have a key to) I encouraged the hubby to force the door open.

Ok, this probably was not the best idea, but it worked. And it left us with this.

Thankfully, for this case, we are renting our home and our landlord agreed to fix the doorframe, without any cost to us (yet).

I think it made hubby feel like he really provided for his family, which he did. I was frustrated and PMS-y so being locked out of our home on a Sunday afternoon with a cranky, sleepy, hungry two year old and wife, I'm sure he was relieved to get into the house where he could run to the bathroom and hide for awhile! :)

He was our hero. A real Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris, if you will. I'm leaning toward Chuck myself.

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