Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's about quittin' time

As much as I don't want to admit it, I think Hoss is not ready for potty training. I've given it some thought and I think it is harder for me to admit defeat than for Hoss. Actually Hoss probably doesn't even know the word defeat.

*Sigh* It's okay to fail, it teaches us how to succeed. Right?

On a different note, Hoss is completely cracking me up this morning. He is talking non-stop and it's very silly.

He is playing with a couple soap dispensers in the bathroom, but he calls them "oap ispeners." He said that without me having to tell him what they are called. He just had them kissing each other, with kissing sounds.

He dropped one a few minutes ago and said, "Oooooops. I sorry!"

Then he asked me to "Cose ur eye. Make wish."

Recently he'll look at me and say, "OH Mom!" as if he's so disappointed in me. I wonder if I've said "OH Hoss!" to him. He is NOT old enough to call me Mom yet. I'm still Mommy!

He's off the charts goofy today (typed as he is sitting on a container of wipes and scooting himself around the bathroom).

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librarymom said...

I have always heard that boys are more difficult to train than girls. My nephew was almost 4 years old before he was potty trained and he is just the most intelligent child. I am trying the sticker chart with my two old. We are taking baby steps. When he gets 5 stickers, he can go and pick out a superhero. He has 2 stickers so far and these were earned last week. This week, he does not have much interest in the potty even though he really wants a superhero. Toddlers are hard to figure out sometimes!