Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday -- Pharmacy hopping

I'm a bargain hunting girl. I love to find a way to save some money. Recently I have been able to get free money at several different stores of which I am a regular. And all I had to do was transfer prescriptions.

My husband and I have two $4 prescriptions which we had at the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Recently, I got a coupon in our Sunday paper to earn $20 in groceries by transferring a prescription to Kroger. The best party is that Kroger is now running a similar promotion for $4 prescriptions. I confirmed that transfering this type of prescription would work for the $20 incentive and sure enough, it did qualify. So, of course, I quickly ran to Kroger and transferred one of our prescriptions. They loaded the $20 incentive on my Kroger card (you must have a Kroger shopping card to get this reward) and off I wentn to shop. When I checked out it asked the cashier if I wanted to use my $20 incentive and of course I did, so I got, quite literally $20 in FREE groceries all for filling my $4 prescription at their store. I am hoping to get another coupon soon so I can transfer the other prescription.

This was not the first time I pharmacy hopped. When Hoss was on a prescription allergy medication (unfortunately, not on the $4 prescription list) I transfered his prescription between pharmacies every month. I was able to get gift cards to CVS (yippee!), Rite-Aid, K-Mart, and Kroger during that time. We had to get the medicine every month, so getting a gift card to do it sure was nice.

I was a little apprehensive when I first started doing this, just because I was afraid the process would be diffiult, but I found it is not difficult at all. Typically all I had to do was call the new pharmacy and tell them I wanted to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy, give them that information and they took care of the rest. I would show up with my coupon for a gift card in hand and walk away with a new gift card and the medication. Very few questions asked.

Pharmacy hopping works for me. For other Works for Me Wednesday ideas visit Shannon!


ames said...

Very smart idea! I usually just fill mine at the grocery store pharmacy who gives me the biggest gas discount, but now I'm going keep my eye out for some other deals I may be missing out on!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Hmm. Very smart.

Katie said...

I like this idea...especially because my pharmacy has a long wait every time I go there, good time to switch!

The said...

DO you know that is offering a big Rx incentive.

You can access it here: or click around on their site until the ad pops up on the side.

I shop around too! LOL