Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday -- Kid Cups

Occasionally I will plan ahead and in this case I did. When we go out to eat and order a kid's meal or kid's drink I keep the plastic cup. Several restaurants provide these and we have used them for our son instead of purchasing other cups when he began to drink out of "Big Boy" cups. For example, we have cups from Zaxbys, Fazolis, Sonnys plus others.

We started this before we moved from a sippy cup to big boy cups and by the time we were ready for that accomplishment we had quite a nice supply.

Getting cups from restaurants Works for Me. For more Works for Me Wednesday items visit Shannon.


Fratzels said...

I so wish I could get my son to drink from the big boy cups. The darn sippys take up so much room in my cupboard. I tried to fight the battle a few months ago, then quit - ultimately deciding that he won't go on his first date drinking from a sippy - or will he?

Guinevere Meadow said...

We've started doing that too! Lance loves to drink from Big Boys cups, but he hasn't quite got the knack of it- he always ends up pouring his drink all over himself and the floor.

So I make sure I only give him water, I often take off his shirt beforehand, and I keep him on the tile floor. :)