Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now what?

We have official stopped the full blown potty training at our house. We will still attempt to sit on the potty at specific times of the day (when we get up, take a bath, go to bed, etc); however, right now we are going to wait a few weeks/months to do more extensive training.

From here I'm not sure where to go. Should I only use Pull-ups or should we try big boy underwear, at least at home? He is currently in a pull-up, but it's nap time. We went out for a couple hours today (we have been stuck in the house all week, we were loosing our minds!) and I put a pull-up on him then.

And the biggest question could be the result of our lack of progress. Hoss is a big boy, hence the name Hoss. He is too big for a potty chair. He will sit on one; however, it's some careful maneuvering to be sure he hits the potty part if he pees and there's no hope for #2. We have a potty insert for the big potty and he hates this. He won't sit on it and he acts like it hurts him. So, the dilemma begins, should I teach him to pee standing up? And if so, how do I do that? Should I try to encourage him to hold himself up on the big toilet, which he is completely afraid to do and cries when I try to help him with this. Also, I don't think he is capable of holding himself up. He has extremely low tone in his upper body, which is why he receives weekly occupational therapy.

Any suggestions internets?


Jessica said...

Ok... so I am clueless about boys, but w/ Madison, we went back to the pull ups and let her initiate wearing her big girl p@nties. I'm serious, when you put the ball in their court and act like you don't care, it makes a big difference in their willingness. Or it did for me, at least. There are lots of options for potty seats, but I'm not sure what works best for little boys. But, I would definitely go to pullups until he is ready. Then, there is no frustration for you.

LizzyBee said...

If you want to try peeing standing up, my aunt advised me to have Moose "aim" for a cheerio in the toilet.

With Moose, we explain things to him like he is an adult, and he acts like he understands most of the time. I would just tell Hoss that since he is not ready for pull-ups and big boy underwear yet, then he is going to wear diapers. Hopefully he will understand.

I'm sorry things didn't go more smoothly!

Janelle said...

I agree with lizzybee to explain it like he's a grown up, that's what we do. You can do diapers or pull-up and still take him to the bathroom at the set times.

We potty trained our first two sitting down first (on a potty chair) but our third has never used a potty chair. He sits on the toilet with me helping for balance and to pee he stands on a stool and I have him lean forward and hold on to the lid. No aiming required, it will just hit the water and they are secure since they're holding on. Good luck!