Saturday, February 10, 2007

Please pray for Nick

I have resisted sharing with my dear Christian blog cohorts the story of Nick, an 11 year old with brain cancer, as I have waited on approval from his family for permission to share his story; however, I can't resist any longer. I am positive the family would love your prayers going up to the Healer for Nick.

Four summers ago, when Nick was 7, they found the first brain tumor, and surgery, chemo, radiation followed. All was well for Nick. Periodic MRI's confirmed the cancer was gone, but last August, at a routine eye appointment, it was determined the tumor was back and much larger. Surgery followed, and then a second surgery in the neck area to remove a spot from the spine. A third suspicious spot on the spine was just cleared on last Friday's MRI. His parents (Tim and Tammy) chose an aggressive treatment program because this cancer is so aggressive and they are about half way through the chemo course, traveling to Columbus, Ohio, for that monthly. Nick has been very sick, weak and immunity deficient but they have such a large support system thru the college Tim teaches at (Kentucky Christian University, my alma mater), First Church in Grayson, and co-workers. And, they have many, many prayer warriors as many of us have spread their request for prayer and shared Tammy's almost daily updates ....which blesses us with their faithful examples and encouragement.

I have a close connection to Nick and his family. Tammy, his mother, has been a part of my life from day 1. She attended church with my parents when they were dating and teenagers and her parents were "God parents" so to speak for my sister and I. While I was at college, their family was a home away from home. Tammy and Tim have 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 daughter, adopoted from India. Nick is the youngest boy. In the early 90s they had a daughter, Adrienne, die from SIDS at 7 weeks. I was 12 at that time and remember the funeral. One thing I remember the minister saying at the funeral was that this tragedy could not have happened to a stronger Christian couple. This has stuck with me for 14+ years and as I was able to spend time with the family on a day to day basis for 4 years I learned it was true. I spent a lot of time with the family, babysitting all 5 at times. Tammy and Olivia (their daughter) were in my wedding back in '04.

A website has been developed to help everyone to follow the process of Nick's treatment. He is currently receiving chemotherapy. Please become a prayer warrior and pray for Nick during this trying time. The updates and emails will bless your socks off!

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I am so incredibly sorry to hear about this dear family's trials. I am sending prayers right now...