Monday, May 12, 2008

Cars and I are not that friendly

We need to have a conversation about my car.

You see, it's a mess. A complete and total mess.

The car (which is nameless) is only 4 years old, but I have not been the best caregiver so she's a bit of a mess.

You see, the car has a few scratches. One on the rear bumper which happened when I backed into a brick wall. It's amazing how those things just jump out at ya.

It also has a few random dents which I truly have no idea how those happened. Seriously. One looks like it might have been caused by a ball or something hitting the lower part of the door. The other dents, well, those are mysteries.

However, the worst part is my taped on passenger side mirror. It's embarassing, but what can you do? Spending $200 on that seems a bit ridiculous when the air conditioner in this car (which is not paid off) is not working and needs repair, that scares me.

Oh, wait. Time out. Let me tell you the story of the broken mirror. In January our neighbors across the street moved out. When they did they left a lot of trash so on trash collection day a lot of items were broken, in the middle of the road, in front of my house, leaving lots of glass in the road. In an attempt to go around the broken glass I misjudged and hit the trash can with the mirror.

No, this did not knock the mirror off, but it did knock it loose. A month or so later I came out on a very cold and icy day and noticed the mirror was off. I assumed that the ice and snow had caused the mirror to completely break off. But we know what assuming does, at least what it does for my husband. Yes, my husband, the man who admitted a month after the mirror fell off that he slipped on ice and grabbed the mirror to steady himself and pulled the mirror off.

Well, needless to say the mirror is still not attached. We purchased a few different types of automobile glue, but none have worked so now it is taped on, barely. Before the "repair" the mirror caused some beautiful scratches on the passenger side door.

Yes, I drive that car, you know, the ghetto-mobile.

Last week it officially became the ghetto-mobile when I went to get in my car and I noticed a magnet above the door handle. It was for a dent and scratch place. I guess my car is a prime candidate for some dent and scratch fixing.

I haven't called them yet, but I might, just to tell them their marketing is awesome! I just wish I thought of it. I may make them a magnet and put it on the door to their shop which says, "Poor mom needs scratch and dent help, call me."

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Jessie said...

Hey Jess! My old car was pretty ghetto too. My dad drives it now. :) My mirror fell off Easter 2 years ago and we used everything under the sun to try and get it to stick. We ended up using "great stuff" that expanding foam stuff you find at Lowes and it has kept it on every since! Mike rigged it with some giant clips and whatever he could find to get it to stay on while it dried. We shaved off the excess, painted it black to match the mirror - and no one noticed. It wwas like new! You should try it. :)