Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mean Mommy

Yesterday as Hoss and I were driving home we began to talk about what sounds animals make.

Me: "What does a cow say?"

Hoss: "Moo!"

Me: "What does a cat say?"

Hoss: "Meow"

And the conversation continued...

Me: "What does Daddy say?"

Hoss: "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Me: "What does Mommy say?"

Hoss: "No! No! No!"

Hmmm...wonder who is the disciplinarian in our house? And who is the instigator?


Ang said...

That is just too cute :) Hopefully it'll be one of those things that you'll never ever be able to get him to repeat (when you want him too, for say, Grandma)!!

Janelle said...

That's too funny!