Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Goodnight Sweetheart

Hoss is a little rotten and he has been co-sleeping with us for nearly his entire short 17 month life. Two weeks ago I decided I was done with the co-sleeping. I had not intended for him to join us in bed while sleeping (or anything else for that matter) and as Hoss got bigger my husband ended up just moving out to the couch for most nights...not to mention the sleepless nights I had trying to get comfortable with a 29lb kid laying on top of me.

So I began the process of Hoss sleeping in his bed. It was very successful quick. I started a nightly routine and a scheduled bedtime at 8:30 (before, he was sometimes dwindling around until 10p.m. making mornings often rough). The first night he cried for about 10 minutes in his crib and then went to sleep. The next night he cried for 30 seconds and then quieted down and went to sleep.

He has now successfully slept in his own room for the past 2 weeks. The problem? Hoss has began to understand the routine. As soon as he sees the bath water running he begins to cry as he knows bedtime is approaching. Bathtime used to be a favorite time of his.

Then tonight, he was in his room and came into the kitchen with a puzzle and a puzzle piece. I decided to try to work with him on the puzzle as he seemed so I said, "Let's go find the other pieces and we can put the puzzle together." Simple process...great teaching and bonding time. So I went into his room and sat on the floor by the puzzles and found the pieces. As soon as I said, "Come here..." he began to scream and cry. He did not want me in his room. He thought he was going to bed.

If I ever pick up a book to read to him while I'm in his room he will automatically stick out his lip and cry.

Oh what I would give to go to sleep at 8:30 and not have to do laundry, clean, develop my grocery list, cut out the coupons...zzzzzzzz!


Janelle said...

Stick to your routine. It'll take a while, but he'll come around. I'm glad you are getting some better sleep now!

Qtpies7 said...

We gave up and bought a king size bed, lol. It was crowded with 4 in our bed, 4 kids, that is, 6 people total. The King sized helped a bunch, and kids eventually went to their own beds and then it was empty except for us. Thats when it gets dangerous. We've "grown" a bit and now don't like even an infant in the bed taking up our space. What seemed plenty of room for us and 4 little ones now is crowded with us and a small infant. We may need to think of dieting soon.