Monday, March 19, 2007

20 Questions (well, maybe only 5)

Today will be the first and only installment of "Ask Jessica" in which I will be answering questions several of you have asked throughout various previous posts. I have realized that I have not responded to as many as I have wished (and in the midst of my headache I can't compile a complete thought to type an original new post) so here are all the life altering answers to those serious questions I am certain you all can not live another moment without knowing (yes, I know that was a very, very long sentence).

* Janelle asked after my "Honey, our ice cream machine is broken" post: "Did you get some ice cream somewhere? A drink is not much for comfort food!" Well, Janelle I did not get some ice cream, but as I left out of my post, I also purchased a cheeseburger. I did not want to appear to be a huge hog so I conveniently left that out...thanks for bringing out the truth! I feel relieved now. I personally think cheeseburgers are comfort food.

* In my "Living Christ's Words" post, Ang asked: "Have you gotten to steal away w/Hoss to the park in this beautiful weather yet?!?" Why yes Ang, I have. I took him a few weeks ago when I had a day off work. It was still a little too cool and windy for us to enjoy it a lot, but he had fun crawling through the tunnel and going down the slides. I was afraid I was going to have to climb my cheeseburger eating self up into one of those tunnels to grab him, luckily Hoss had his brave attitude on that day and ventured through the tunnel, but I made sure to distract him from it because I just could not see myself climbing into that slide/climb contraption and getting him down.

* In the "Whew, I am glad today is over" post (man, I have some original titles), guinevere meadow asked, "Have you read the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day?" Guinevere, I don't think I have. I have heard about the book before. Thanks for the recommendation! I am looking forward to finding it and reading it. I am sure Alexander and I can relate as we both have had some "Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad days."

* In my 12 a.m. Police Encounter post guinevere meadow asked another important question, "Sounds like tons of fun...exactly how you want to spend your midnight hour. Were you late for work?" I was not late for work. I luckily had left early enough to allow for such 12 a.m. police encounters...although I don't look for such adventures in the wee hours of the morning.

* In "Captain Poopy Pants and His Hurling Assistant" post (now that was original!) Qtpies7 asked me the following, "My hubby is a pro changing diapers! Otherwise our hubby's are a bit alike! Both Donnie's with an ie at the end, and both so ticklish that you can tickle them from across the room! My Donnie asked if your Donnie is Norwegian, too." My Donnie with an ie is not Norwegian. I admit I had to ask him his family ancestory because I was not certain of such (I guess that was not on my checklist of important things to know before we got married...I am now realizing that list needed to be much longer). He said he believes his family is mostly German with a tad of Welsh and American Indian mixed in...or as my dad says, "I'm American." The good ole melting pot! Just for the record I am Irish and German. I guess the Irish explains Hoss's red hair. Oh, and Donnie thinks he is so ticklish because when he was a kid his dad would tickle him until he peed his pants...father of the year!

Well, those are all the questions I am up for answering today. I will try to personally reply to questions in the future through an email and not in a massive post. Have a great day!

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Qtpies7 said...

LOL, I forgot I asked that! I'll have to remember to tell my Donnie. I'm Irish adn German, too, plus Norwegian, of course, Swedish, some sort of American Indian from who knows what tribe or relative up the line.... I'm the melting pot, too. Donnie doesn't admit to much else but the Norwegian.