Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our golf vacation

We are currently on a 48 hour family vacation. This is the first vacation that just the three of us have had. We have had a few other vacations, but those have consisted of going with other family members. We have been able to merge our vacations at the same time and are having a great time in Gatlinburg.

We have been talking to Hoss about going to Gatlinburg for about a month now. We got a few fliers for activites, one of which was for a new mini-golf course. This one actually. Hoss has talked about seeing the pigs and playing golf every day.

Naturally one of our first orders of business was to check out the golf course. This was Hoss' first time mini-golfing or golfing at all. He fell in love with the sport. He knows all about golf from playing the Wii with Daddy and was able to show us his skills.

The mini-golf course was cute and fun. We chose the easiest course since we had a newbie with us. A little expensive, but well worth it to see the joy from Hoss. All he has talked about tonight was "playing goff in Gatwinburg."

Here is Hoss with a few of the cows at the first hole.

Daddy and Hoss with some of the horses. All the animals would talk when you hit the ball in certain areas. The horses neighed and moved their heads.

Mommy and Hoss waiting for our turn. It is nearly impossible to get Hoss to look at the camera for pictures.

And a couple shots of Hoss' golf form. I'm not sure if he has decided if he wants to be right or left handed yet. Mommy and Daddy are both lefthanded, so I think he chooses to do things lefthanded at times just because he sees us doing it that way. He mostly chose to golf left handed, but would often stradle the ball and hit it between his legs.

My favorite part of Hoss' golf technique is that he will hit the ball once from the beginning (with his one handed swing), then will pick up the ball, run to the hole, sit the ball down right beside the hole and hit it in. Then he will take the ball out, sit it by the hole again and hit it in. He would repeat this as long as we (and the people behind us) would let him.

I guess we will be hitting up the local mini-golf course when we get home.

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Janelle said...

Family vacations create such great memories! Glad you are having some time with just your family :)