Monday, June 15, 2009

Perty by Thirty, Week 23

This week was my normal 4 week mark when I gain weight. I am proud to say I did not gain this week! I lost .8 pound. While it was a little disappointing to lose so little, I am happy that I did not gain.

This week I added exercise into my weight loss routine. I believe this was the reason I lost weight this week and did not gain. I walked every day each week for at least 30 minutes.

I have been doing my walking during the week with co-workers during our lunch break. My company began a promotion to encourage us to lose weight and get healthy. The promotion is a 50 day challenge to be active with exercise for 30 minutes daily. I am hoping the exercise will prove to be helpful in my weight loss journey.

My Ways to $ave Wednesday posts for the next two weeks at Bluegrass Moms will be about tips I have received at my Weight Watchers' meetings over the past few weeks. Be sure to check out the first one about exercising economically this Wednesday.

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Janelle said...

Way to go on still losing weight!