Monday, June 29, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 25

My scale at home didn't move much, but the Weight Watcher scale did. And really that's all that matters. Especially when it moves down, like it did this week.

I lost another 3.2 pounds. Bringing me to 62.4 pounds total. My BMI has dropped 10 points! That is making me happy.

I have several challenges this week. We are heading for a short vacation tomorrow. Then 4th of July activites are scheduled. I am really going to have to stay focused, plan ahead, and continue to exercise.

I have been exercising daily for the past three weeks and it has made all the difference. I found that the hotel we are staying in this week has a fitness center. At least this is what their website says. I sure hope they aren't lying because that is my main plan for exercise this week. And possibly my only hope for the scale to move down again next week.

Well that and wearing this lightweight dress again!

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Janelle said...

Use whatever the hotel has :) Good luck with staying focused-holidays can be so hard!