Thursday, June 18, 2009

The days of the week...

Sometimes I do things that make me think maybe I have this motherhood thing figured out. And then my child hits me when I tell him that he can not run across the street in front of traffic. Obviously, I will never have the whole motherhood thing down pat, but I try.

I recently had a great idea that made me feel like I had it all figure out. I made a calendar.

I know, it seems so simple and so silly, but it has been so beneficial for Hoss. This summer Hoss' schedule will change a lot as we have a variety of different activities and plans. He has difficulty when his schedule changes often, so I thought I would help him feel prepared as possible.

I made a summer calendar that indicates all of our fun activities we have planned.

Hoss is attending daycare for 6 weeks during the summer and I indicated this with small stars, so he would know which days he would be at his "new school." (I can't tell him he is going to school in the mornings because he always corrects me by saying, "my NEW school."). By the way, he is absolutely loving his new school and is actually doing very well. Much relief for me.

I also noted birthdays through the summer (mine, hubby's, Pap's, and cousin), our scheduled vacations (a short trip to NC -- this past weekend -- and Gatlinburg in a couple weeks. He is really looking forward to Gatlinburg, I think because of the bear sticker I put on the calendar). It also indicates when his regular school starts again and trips to visit grandparents.

We are marking days off every time I remember. Each time I note the next upcoming event and we talk about how many days it will be until that day. I have been very surprised how much Hoss has shown interest in the calendar. This may be something I will have to do year round.


Janelle said...

That's a really good idea. We might need to do that too!

Natalie said...

That is a good idea. I might have to try it bc to Daniel it was either "the last day" (yesterday) or tomorrow. There are no other options lol

Guinevere Meadow said...

What a fun idea!