Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm back in the game!

Tonight I finally ventured out to CVS for this week's deals. I have been slacking recently in deal hunting and even let some of my CVS Extra Care Bucks expire! I know. The horror!

I was able to rack up $9 in ECBs a couple weeks ago and noticed some deals in this week's ad that I wanted to check out. I made my list and gathered my coupons and headed to the store.

And I rocked it!

I got all of the following:

And I only paid 53 CENTS!

This is how I did it.

I purchased
1 Contour glucose monitor -- $14.99
2 Dawn dish soap -- $2
1 Fusion razor -- $7.99
1 Crest Pro 1 liter mouthwash -- $3.99
1 ALS $1 donation -- $1
Total: $29.97

I used these coupons:
$30 off Contour monitor adjusted to $14.99 -- $14.98
50 cent of Dawn dish soap -- $14.48
25 cents off Dawn dish soap -- $14.23
$1 off Crest Pro Health mouthwash -- $13.23
$4 off Fusion razor -- $9.23
$9 in ECBS -- 23 cents
Add tax of 30 cents
My total was 53 cents!

I also earned $11 in ECBs for my next shopping trip.

I'm so excited about my deals. It is rejuvenating and reminded me of the "great deal" adrenaline I love! I hope I can keep it up.


Janelle said...

Not something I do, but I admire all of those of you who CVS-it!

Quick question-is the Contour monitor for blood sugar? Is that something you need?

Jessica said...

Janelle -- the Contour monitor is for blood sugar. I do not need it, but I will donate it at work, where we use these for our clients on a regular basis.