Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We may not make it to 3

When Hoss turned two someone at church told me that "Terrible Twos" really does not exist, but it's more like "Terrible Threes."

Boy she was wrong. Or if she wasn't, then I sure am dreading three.

In the past two days Hoss has nearly caused me to drink. Yesterday at supper he took his cup of milk and dumped it over his head. Obviously, on purpose. From there I took him straight to the bathroom where he got a bath.

While he was in the bathtub and I had my back turned he climbed right out of the tub. He has never done that before. I had to chase him back into the tub.

And today, oh, today...I thought today would be a new day! Today he broke his glasses. You know, these BRAND NEW GLASSES, that we got only A WEEK AGO! God blessed this child today when his Daddy picked him up from Grandma's house instead of Mommy. Because who knows how Mommy would have reacted. I thought the one year warranty would last a little longer than A WEEK! Not only did he break them, but he did so intentionally. My mother-in-law said he took them off, put them on a table and smashed them with his hands. My husband is currently taking him to the eye doctor to see about repair...or maybe cashing in the warranty.

Oh, I need a break! This kid is going to drive me crazy! I love him to death, but Heaven help us.

Quick Update: The glasses were repaired by Donnie. At this moment nothing serious seems to have happened to them. We will be having a long talk about wearing our glasses correctly tonight!


Jessie said...

Jess! You're scaring me!! Elli will be two in no time - I don't know if I will handle her well when she dumps milk over her head! What a mess I bet that was... I'm sorry, friend... I hope it get's better - or that you at least get a break.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh honey, you poor thing!!!

Go ahead and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail this evening! You deserve it! (Of course, if you are religiously or medically opposed to drinking, ignore me...)