Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Sick, Sicker and Sickest

No, you are not seeing things. I am posting twice in one day. I know it's not typical behavior for me, but I feel like griping! That's your disclaimer, read on at your own risk! :)

Today has been quite the day! I woke up this morning, grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom. About that time my brain woke up and thought, "What time did the clock say?" So I walked back to my bedroom and looked, it said "7:47." I had to be at work at 8a.m. Whoops! So I yelled at Donnie to wake up too. He moaned and groaned about how bad he felt and he decided to stay home from work. I hurried to get ready and made it to work by 8:20. Sometimes it pays to live 5 minutes from work.

Hoss had an appointment with an ENT doctor at 11:45. Wouldn't you know that he has an ear infection. He has been battling yet another cold over the past week so I wasn't too surprised, just slightly annoyed. Annoyed with the medical bills we continue to rack up and with my child's insane behavior any time he goes to the doctor.

I returned to work and put out a few fires (figuratively!) then picked Hoss up. He had not napped all day and was a crank. He fell asleep on the way to the pharmacy so I just dropped off the prescription (through the drive thru, a great invention!) and went home.

Once we got home Hoss woke up from his 20 minute nap and decided he had to be held by mommy only. Donnie laid on the couch and moaned and groaned some more about being sick. So I quickly made grilled cheese sandwiches with a 35lb. 2 year old on my hip who was crying and whining.

After dinner I gave Hoss a quick bath and then ran back to the pharmacy to get Hoss's medicine (where I was able to get a free $25 gift card, gotta love CVS!) and some more over the counter stuff for Donnie.

Oh, and to top it off I have had a headache all day which is not touched by any medicine. I hope it's not a sign that I'm getting sick too, because without me, the males in my home may just whine themselves to death.


Jessica said...

I am so sorry that everyone is feeling yucky! It's the pits! I hope you all feel better soon!

Janelle said...

Oh I hate days like that! Somedays I say, "I don't want to be the Mommy!" Turns out none of them care and I'm still the Mommy!

Hang in there!