Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My goal for 2008

I have not posted any New Year's Resolutions yet because I could not narrow down my list to just a few to post. I have numerous things which run through my head as goals, but one thing I'm afraid of is failure. Well, to be honest, I'm not afraid of failing, I'm afraid of disappointing. Disappointing myself and most of all disappointing others.

In addition to disappointment, I'm not always motivated to reach my goals. If I'm not motivated it is not going to happen. That's just the truth. I'm a procrastinator and rationalizer. I will put off starting any big project or goal and I will rationalize a million reasons why that is okay.

Saying all this, I have one major goal I am working toward this year and I'm ready to reveal it. I will reveal it because I need to. I need accountability. I can make a million goals in my head, but if I don't tell anyone and rely on my own motivation I simply will not succeed.

So, without further ado, my goal for 2008 is simple (yet not), I will loose weight. I have not put a specific number on this because I don't want to be tied to that number, plus I figure if I loose even one pound that will be a success (I'm all about setting my goals high!)

I began the dreaded weight loss journey yesterday. Two co-workers and I have joined forces and are holding each other accountable by eating lunch together and exercising. Tonight we stuck around after work and completed what is very possibly the hardest cardio workout known to man. In addition to the exercise we are attempting to better our eating habits. I have stopped my addition to Pepsi and began drinking water, water and more water. Although today I had possibly the worst caffeine withdrawal headache and had to get a Diet Coke, Diet! That was a success.

I may speak of this goal again in the future or I may not...that depends on my success rate! However, now that I have made this public I have even more motivation. All I know right now is that my bladder is calling...darn water!


Guinevere Meadow said...

You can do it!!!!

There's a great weight-loss blog that I have a link to on my page- it's called "Tales From the Scales" and they have a weight-loss challenge going on. You post every week about how you are doing towards your goals, what you can improve on, and every day THEY have a post with ideas for making yourself healthy.

Qtpies7 said...

Water is the best change in a diet. You are supposed to drink an additional glass over 8 for every 5 pounds you want to lose.
I hate water, though, so it is tough for me.

Jessie said...

Good luck Jess! Ugh...when I quit drinking regular soda after high school, I dropped A LOT of weight. I didn't realize I was drinking so many calories and what a difference it made. I still drank diet soda - it took the edge off...I can't drink regular soda now, it is so sweet and makes my teeth feel funny - it was a hard switch though. Still need to work on water...I don't drink it unless I have no money or there's nothing left in the house! I'm bad... GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you can be stronger than I ever was!

Janelle said...

Well good luck! I'll join up with you later in the year, you know, once I have the baby and all :-) Pretty much all I drink is water, being pregnant and I get tired of it, but it's worth it and good for me too.

Fratzels said...

Good for you for putting it out there!

Once you get over the caffiene headaches - try caffiene free diet coke - tastes more like the non-diet stuff. Also, unless you are offended by the suggestion of pepsi, try the Diet Pespsi Jazz Caramel flavor - delish. Even my hubs, a diet soda hater, loves it.

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to lose weight too except i started on december 20, so hah! we joined the local ymca and i'm trying to eat less snacks. it's going very slow but that is probably because my muscles are getting so incredibly huge. yeah that's it.

julie said...

That is my goal to. I am trying to be good but it is really hard.

Good luck,

Rebecca said...


They have some good, yet easy suggestions, on this webpage...

Good Luck!! I myself am trying to shed a few... seems likfe over the past few years- it has been slowly packing on... grrr

Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that after seeing your posts about CVS, I clicked your link over to "money saving mom" and I have now joined the CVS program (waiting for my card in the mail,) and I've began searching for coupons and looking out for store sales. (I was very proud of myself for finding the "buy 1 get 1 free" pasta and the marked-down half-gallons of milk-- it was cheaper to buy two half-gallons than to buy a one-gallon. lol!)

Pam said...

Just giving up the soda and drinking lots of water will probably make a difference...if you can stand the constantly full bladder!