Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our frugal Valentine's Day celebrations!

Well, the stomach crud has left us. Around noon yesterday my stomach said, "I've had enough!" and it kicked the crud's rear end and I have felt wonderful since.

Since I am so much better I am back in the blogging business! While catching up on some blogs I saw a wonderful carnival at Money Saving Mom so I decided to participate!

Crystal is hosting a Frugal Valentine's Day carnival and since I'm learning to be frugal I have planned a nice, cheap V-day celebration at our house.

We are trying a new "to go" restaurant (if you can call it that) here in town, Papa Murphy's Pizza. This is a chain that prepares pizzas to your liking and lets you take them home and cook them. And guess what they have on Valentine's Day...heart shaped pizzas! I'm all about that. These are only $6.99 and if you go to their website and sign up for their e-club you get a $2 off coupon emailed to you. That would make it, $4.99! So I plan to go grab this pizza on my way home Thursday.

But that's not all. I am also going to attempt to make a heart shaped cookie. A big one. I purchased some cookie dough on sale(I'm not quite the great cook, so I am not ambitious enough to make this from scratch).

That will be our Valentine's Day family celebration, all for the price of $6.50! I may pull out some candles and fancy up the table if I feel like getting all crazy like that.

One thing that I don't plan to do this year, but I have done in the past is to create a scavenger hunt. On our first Valentine's day together I made a scavenger hunt which Donnie had to follow around my small one bedroom apartment to find the next clue. Each clue had a small gift (a piece of candy, a homemade card, etc) at that place. It was fun and cute...and so romantical (yes, it's a word!). I guess I'm not romantical anymore, since I have no desire to go through the trouble to do that this year! Oh well!

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Pam said...

Glad you are feeling better! Heart-shaped pizza? I LOVE it! Hope your cookie cake comes out good, too. I'll be fixing lasagna, which is David's favorite. Our Sunday School class is hosting a church Valentine Banquet on Saturday, so we are not doing much for the actual day.

Guinevere Meadow said...

A heart shaped pizza? That ROCKS!! I bet I could re-shape some store bought pizza dough. Hm. This could be fun...

Mrs Nespy said...

Sounds great! I am adding this post to a list of great V-day ideas on my site! Enjoy!