Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Fears of a Mommy

My dear internet friends I have a request. My adorable child is sheduled for surgery Friday for tubes in his ears. Today he began to experience a runny nose. I have been looking forward to this surgery because I know that this is something he needs in so many ways. The very thought that he is getting sick and we may have to postpone the surgery is causing me great distress.

Tonight as I sat with Hoss while he was refusing to go to bed I began to pray. I begged and pleaded with God to completely heal Hoss so we can proceed with his surgery Friday. As I began to pray tears began to stream down my face. I want Hoss to be "normal." I want him to be free from illness, free from delays, and a typical two year old.

I've refrained from discussing some of the kiddo's recent trouble, but we have very recently pursued therapies and are currently receiving weekly visits from an occupational therapist and a developmental interventionist. We initial began this process due to a speech delay; however, we postponed any speech therapy due to his upcoming surgery.

I have eased my mind that his surgery will fix many concerns I have. Not everything, we have many steps to make, but I have convinced myself that the tubes will be the beginning of several huge steps.

Thus, today, when the snotty nose started I felt if yet another setback is looming over us. I only want Hoss to be healthy. Free from pain, infection, and "normal." I want him to be able to communicate his wants, needs, and feelings with me.

So my request from each of you is to please pray for my baby. Pray that he will miraculously be healed by Friday from any cold, runny nose, or illness. Pray that his surgery will be simple, with no complications, and as scheduled. And if these things are not possible (although I know God can do it!), please pray for me. That I can have an open mind and be able to be flexible with this surgery.


Mrs. Who said...

I'll pray for your little read-headed cutie, Jessica.

Jessica said...

Praying for you!

My name is Michelle. said...

My little brother (several years younger than me) had problems. He walked funny, kinda with his head tilted? And he talked really funny (when he talked at all). He didn't have great coordination (you know, for a 2 year old). He had ear infection after ear infection. And finally when he was 2+ (if my memory's been a LONG time ago), they put tubes in his ears. Within days, he was walking normally. Talking normally. His coordination had improved. And he was rarely sick again.

He went from being "not normal" to "normal". Truly in a matter of days.

I have no idea about your son, but it is my fervent prayer that the same miracle happens to your son as happened to my baby brother.

God can heal all.

Janelle said...

I don't always share things either, but I'm glad you did now so we can pray! I have a cousin that turned "normal" as soon as he got his tubes too, so don't worry, pray!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Sending prayers now!