Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's almost Monday

Today has been an interesting day. It did not flow like a typical Sunday at our home. I worked an overnight shift at work so I returned home at 8:15 a.m. and Donnie reported that Hoss woke up at 5:30 and had been awake since.

Poor Donnie!

While I was showering for church Hoss fell asleep. We decided we would drive seperately and I would go on to church alone so I could teach my Sunday School class. Donnie and Hoss arrived in time for church; however, Hoss was not in a good mood. Donnie had to wake him up after a 2 hour nap to get to church and Hoss was not so happy about that. Thus, he hung out wiht me instead of going to his class.

Due to the early morning nap, Hoss was not interested in an afternoon nap. So I fought through my desire (and need) for one and we played, played and played some more. Ok, really what happened was Hoss threw puzzles on the floor and refused to put them back together so I spent a good part of the afternoon attempting to get him to focus on putting the puzzles back together. Then we watched kiddie videos and try to pass the time.

It was obvious that Hoss was bored so I asked him if he wanted to go out and run a few errands with me. These words actually left his lips, "Yes, I go please."

Folks, I began praising God right there for the miracles of ear tubes! Never in his life has this child actually completed such a sentence. So I bundled him up and Hoss and I ran out to a couple stores. He was remarkably well behaved.

The rest of the evening began to function as normal except the early morning nap started to cause some struggles and dinner was not very peaceful. Let's just say there were some tears, a time out session, and very little eating.

Hoss' ears are doing well, I guess. He seems to be fine. One thing that I did not anticipate after Hoss' ear tubes surgery was the instilling of ear drops. Hoss is not a good patient with anything so when something already hurts a little and then you have to put medicine on it, it's quite a battle.

I was complaining about the trouble we've had with his ear drops to my mom yesterday and she suggested role playing with a toy. It was a perfect idea! She's so smart!

I grabbed a monkey of Hoss' because, well, it was downstairs and close's all about convenience. After a few tries, Hoss is now able to give the monkey ear drops and we count 4 drops, just like Hoss' ear drops. If he sees the monkey sitting somewhere he will grab it and take something and begin to put it in the monkey's ears. However, if I suggest we give the monkey his ear drops Hoss begins to whimper. I guess he is afraid I will put some in his ears next.

(Please ignore the sliding glasses...we are having some issues!)
We still have some struggles when it's time for Hoss to get his ear drops and it takes two of us, but we are making progress. It's a small price to pay for healthy ears!


Guinevere Meadow said...

Poor Hoss! Glad he's feeling better.

Pam said...

Glad to hear that all went well!

Jessie said...

That's such a coinsidence that you role play with him and his ear drops! I have to do that with Elli's nose wiping...she doesn't think it's so bad now because her babies have to do it too. Funny kids. I am glad that he's doing well with his tubes. How did you not cry when he spoke a sentece like that?!