Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why is the "blogger's block" only happening for the title?

I accomplished my list of activities for the day, so I guess you could say it has been a good day. I am still in my pajamas and despite the bath I gave Jake this morning, his hair is sticking to his head (putting fruit in your hair during lunch does that). Needless to say, my chores for the day are not over, nor are they ever when you're a mother.

Tomorrow it is back to the routine of our typical daily lives, which includes me going back to work. It's always so difficult to come back after being off for a few days. I know my calendar is jammed full tomorrow and I have items due within days of getting back, so I am sure I'll be nicely stressed tomorrow at this time.

But I'll try to forget about that for now and continue on about my evening in denial that in 12 hours I'll be traveling to the workplace.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

Titles can be difficult to come by sometimes.

Oatmeal is also an effective hair product.