Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where's Jake-o?

Yesterday the weather was beautiful, the air was cool and football was being played. So what would a family of three do? Go to a Pumpkin Patch.

We loaded up and headed to an orchard nearby which has fall activities. We enjoyed the smells of apple cider and the festivities. Jake played in the kid section, which included the slide of terror (at least in Jake's eyes it was terrifying), a corn maze and big kid swings. After spending time in that area, we headed to the petting zoo, where we saw "damas" (llamas), a camel, some weird cow, goats (which we fed and were very hungry), donkeys, and even kangaroos (which, disappointedly, were sleeping).

We let Jake pick out a pumpkin, just his size, which he insisted on carrying (or lugging it 2 feet, putting it down for a few seconds, picking it back up and then lugging it 2 more feet). It was long trip to the car.

Here are a few pictures of Jake enjoying the pumpkins, I wish I had pictures of the "damas" or kangaroos, but my darn camera's battery died.

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LizzyBee said...

How funny! He totally blends in with the pumpkins. Where did you find that cute shirt?
They had some Halloween t-shirts at Gabriel Brothers for $2 that we picked up, but they weren't THAT cute!