Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 3 -- Better

A few of you have asked how daycare is going with Jake. This week has been better. He didn't cry at all today when I dropped him off, a huge improvement from two weeks ago. He has grown attached to "Eser" (Esther) and follows her all around the house. This week and next he will only be there for 3 days, which helps him as well.

Friday Jake has a minor surgery scheduled. No matter how minor the surgery, it's still scary for mom and dad. So, Friday morning we will get up early and head to the hospital for a supposed minor, quick outpatient surgery.

On a completely different note, we are currently watching "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi and it is so freaky. Ghosts scare me, but I am so intrigued by this show.

Enough with the randomness.



Rebecca said...

that's my mom's FAVORITE show...

just in case you wanted to know :-)

Janelle said...

Sending prayers your way today!