Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mastering the straw skills

We have been encouraging Jake to use a straw lately; however, he has much more fun pulling the straws out of the cups and playing with them instead of actually using them the drink from the cup. Tonight while we were at the store I found new cups with straws. We bought them and Jake used the straw immediately without trying to pull the straw out.

After dinner I noticed that Jake has acquired one of my quirks. He is a straw chewer! Like mother, like son!

I'm so proud!


LizzyBee said...

Yea, we use a straw and cup at restaurants. Moose likes to pull the straw out because of the sound it makes!!

Jessie said...

That is exactly what Elli does! She takes a drink or two, but innevitably pulls the straw out and plays with it and tries to pour the water out of the cup.
Go straw chewers!