Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where is the originality?

Those of you few faithful readers may not watch as much television as we do at our house, so if that is the case, then you can skip this blog rant...it may not make much sense to you. However, if you are a TV addict such as we are, then read on and feel free to rant with me.

Today I read an article on MSN that the Law and Order series (how do I make that plural? serieses?) on NBC are continuing. The original Law and Order series is going into its 18th year. Wow! 18 years of storylines is a lot...but folks, there needs to be a little bit of originality!

My husband is a huge Law and Order fan. He began watching the original Law and Order and continues to follow each spin-off, SVU and Criminal Intent. He is so much of a fan he watched the short lived Trial by Jury spin off last year (ok, so I watched it too).

I enjoy crime dramas and I love me some CSI (another spin off crazy show), but Law and Order has been taking the stories from the real life headlines way too much lately.

The past couple weeks each episode was related to a very, very similar story in our news from the Anna Nicole story, to a murdered lover of a NASA (or on the show, NSA) astronaut, to the kidnapping story of the 2 boys in St. Louis area. The shows typically don't hide the fact that they are ripping off real new stories. Often very little facts are changed.

My question is why. Why do we have to be subjected to some of the same stories that are on TV non-stop once again in a crime drama?

Maybe 18 years is too much for a TV show to maintain orginality, especially one that has two spin-offs of similar nature running at the same time. Do they need new writers? I am certain that some local law enforcement officers could give some ideas for story lines.

What will be next?

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