Saturday, May 5, 2007

It can't get here soon enough

As I mentioned in my last post we are moving soon to a new townhouse. I am so very excited about this as we are currently living in a 2nd floor apartment and with a toddler, this is not always convenient. I was never more happy about moving than I was on Wednesday.

After I picked up Jacob on Wednesday I decided to run through the McDonald's drive thru...basically I was just feeling lazy and did not want to cook dinner. I made our purchase and traveled home.

Anytime we go through a drive thru I try not to let Jacob eat anything while in the car because he has an addiction to french fries. As soon as he starts eating them he can't stop and he throws a major temper tantrum when he does not have one in his hand or mouth.

Well, I forgot about this on Wednesday and gave him a french fry, and then another, and then another...well, you get the picture.

When we arrived home I strategically balanced the McDonalds bags and drinks as well as a gallon of milk I had picked up as well as my purse and the diaper bag...and don't forget the kiddo.

Jacob typically walks to the apartment and climbs up the stairs with no problems. Well, this evening he was experiencing his french fry withdrawal and began to experience his temper tantrum complete with stomping of the feet, refusing to walk and screaming. I was not able to pick him up and hurry into the apartment before everyone looked out their windows to see who this child belonged to, so I just kept trying to make him walk along to the steps.

Despite the temper tantrum we made it to the steps and at that time I realized the gallon of milk should not have been leaning against the McDonalds bag as food began to spill out onto the ground. And I mean all the food.

To top it off, Jacob refused to climb the steps and stood at the bottom screaming and crying with snot dripping off his chin. Being the responsible mother I am I picked up the salvagable food and hurried up the steps to drop it off in the apartment and then went back down the steps to claim the screaming child.

*Sigh* Only 19 more days until I can park only feet from my front door and make it in my home with all 10 chicken nuggets instead of only the 8 that did not hit the ground.


Guinevere Meadow said...

I hear you! We also live on a second floor apartment, and it's absolutley wretched. No plans to move quite yet, but hopefully within the next year or so there will be!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, yeppers, I remember those days. One time we lived on the 4th floor and I had 3 kids under 5 and was pregnant. THAT was fun. There is no way to grab all 3 AND make it up 4 flights of stairs...... Alive anyways.