Saturday, May 12, 2007


I acutally WON SOMETHING!!! I signed up for a contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom to win a box of Fruity Cheerios. And I won a box! I am excited to let Jacob try this new cereal. I think he was getting a little tired with his regular morning breakfast of plain Cheerios.

Not only did I win, but I can enter to win another contest, just because I won the Fruity Cheerios. Modern Mom is having a contest to win $500 if you send a picture of video of your child eating Fruity Cheerios. You better believe I will be doing this! I just hope I haven't used up all my luck yet!

And don't forget that 5 Minutes for Mom is having a Mother's Day contest. They have several items up for grabs. Go check out these prizes and sign up. The contest ends at midnight tonight!

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Jessica said...

He'll love the fruity cheerios.. or as Madison calls them ...."those o's." Happy Mother's Day!