Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WFMW -- Another Target deal!

Since my brain is filled with thoughts of emptying boxes and lots of clutter due to our recent move I am borrowing this deal tip from my favorite deals website -- Vickys Deals.

If you love the Bertolli frozen meals, like I do, this will be a great savings. And if you haven't tried them, print these coupons, go to Target and get some yummy, cheap and simple food!

In my part of the country we do not have Super-Targets, which I think is just horrible, so I am not sure if the "regular" Target stores carry these, but I plan to go find out.

Here is a link to a $2 off Bertolli item.

And here is a link to a Target $1.50 Bertolli item.

Th Bertolli meals are about $6.14 or more. With the $3.50 in coupons, you can get them for under $3.

However, one of the members of Vickys Deals said that their Target had some of the meals on clearance so they were able to get a meal for 68 cents after coupons.

Hopefully, this will work for me and all of you. For more Works for Me Wednesday tips by visiting Rocks in My Dryer.

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Sarah said...

Thank you! I never knew Target had a coupon section! How great! Betrolli for dinner tonight!