Thursday, May 17, 2007

#100, ok really #101!

Yesterday's Works for Me Wednesday post was my 100TH POST (cue music, balloons and confetti falling from out for the falling music)!!!!

I have been trying to consider what fun thing I could post about for my 100th post and I sure did not think it would come this fast! I just began blogging in January, only 4 months ago. I know that I don't have THAT much stuff to talk about so I wondered how in the world I made it to 100 so quickly.

I looked at my blog history and I have to say that I am an contest freak! I love to win something, so I enter every contest under the sun, and a large amount of my posts have been related to such contests. And it all pays off, since I just recently won my first prize: Fruity Cheerios!! Yum, Yum!

I could subtract all the "bloggy business/contest" posts from the grand total, but I'm not gonna do it...Blogger counts it as a post, so I am too (plus that would take way too much time I don't really have since I am trying to pack up everything in my home and move it to another NEXT WEEK!).

In honor of this HUGE feat I am going to post 10 things I have yet to mention about myself (many of which may turn in to a post one day, so keep reading!). Oh, and if you think about it, 10 x 10 = 100, so here goes, in honor of post #100, here are 10 things I have yet to reveal to the bloggy world until today.

#1 -- My husband is a big time WWE wrestling fan and I have to admit I watch it too. We even went to a live RAW show on Valentine's Day 2005 (oh, how romantic!) when I was 5-6 weeks pregnant with Jake. Oh, there is so much more I could say about this, but I must save it all for the future (I have to leave something to make it to post 200).

#2 -- I have hit 4 cars in parking lots. 2 moving, 2 parked. Needless to say, I am not the best parker or backer-upper.

#3 -- I am a closet hypochondriac. Okay, so maybe not so closet, but I fret and worry about every little look, action or lack there of that Jake does (or my body experiences). I did so while he was in the womb and I do so this day. I will never stop, I am certain of it, after all it was my comment to the eye doctor that led to glasses, proving the point that a hypochondriac is not always CRAAAAAZY!!

#4 --Speaking of CRAAAAZY, I stalk people. Okay, not really, but I do like to know what people are doing, where their lives have taken them, etc. So if I fall out of touch with someone, you will find me doing a google search for them to see what is happening in their lives. This is one reason I started a blog...because I know everyone is searching for my name out there! Ha! Be sure to keep in touch with me or else your name will be a google search one day!

#5 -- I have lived in 4 states, 12 homes (13 next week...I hope that number is lucky for me), and 7 towns.

#6 -- I have worked for the same agency since I graduated college. Some days I would love to stay forever and work toward retirement at an early age (although, I will have no social security, so what is the point?) and other days I would love to run far, far away!

#7 -- I LOVE the fact that Jake has red hair and I hope he has freckles, especially on his little nose. I don't have freckles or red hair so I think it is all so cute...I am certain he will hate them both one day.

#8 -- When I was 4 years old my parents purchased an exercise bike. I wanted to ride on it and so did my 2 year old sister. My legs barely touched the pedals and as I barely turned the wheel, my sister put her hand in the spokes of the bike. At that very moment my mom turned around and saw this and sent ME to bed without dinner. That night as I laid in my dark room alone I experienced the first time my stomach growled. I had never heard this sound before (and seldom have since) and I immediately thought of my mom saying to me, "If you keep eating your stomach will explode." For some reason, my 4 year old brain told me the growling noise was the preparation of my stomach exploding (despite the fact that I had not eaten) and I began to fear that my stomach would burst open and food would fly out. Only, my little brain imagined food that you don't eat, like banana peels and apple cores. No, my stomach never exploded and yes, I remember this event to this day. I can see the dark room in my head with a little bit of light coming in from the hallway.

#9 -- #8 sure was long, but stemming from # 8 I will say that my memory is as sharp as a tack...or it was, since the baby my memory has been shot (along with a lot of other stuff). However, my first memory ever was when I knocked our car out of gear the summer I was 2 when I was jumping around in the front seat. My mom was 8 months pregnant with my sister and my dad was getting ice cream for us. We only rolled a few feet backwards, but I still remember it. My second memory was a month later when my sister was born. I don't remember holding her, but I remember going to the hospital and putting on Donald Duck pajamas (scrubs) and washing my hands in a dark room (the bathroom without the light on). My dad says this is exactly how I told the story to people for days afterwards...he doesn't believe in my sharp memory, but again, I can see the dark room in my head...funny how my mental images are always of dark rooms. Maybe it's not so funny...

#10 -- Since, I'm stuck on childhood memories, here's another -- my parents love to remind me of my promise to them that I would have 10 kids and live next door when I was grown up. I wanted to live next door so my mom could baby-sit all 10 kids when I went to work. Funny how things change, since now the thought of 10 kids sends me into a panic attack, but I would not mind living next door to my parents and not 100s of miles away.

So there you have it...Post #101 and counting!


Qtpies7 said...

My husband has a memory of when he was a kid that he thinks was alien abduction, hehe. he woke up and thought he was a red-headed freckled kid and couldn't remember his parents or siblings, and freaked when he looked in the mirror and didn't see "himself" as he though he looked.
He thinks he may have fallen out of the silo that day and thats what happened.

Jessica said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

To answer your question... no, we didn't make shirts b/c we couldn't think of anything catchy to say so we are just going to purchase shirts when we get there. We're hoping our personalities will get us into contestants row!

Janelle said...

Congrats on #100! I love to hear people's early memories, maybe I'll post some too.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Congratulations!!! I'm approaching #100, but not quite yet!

Your memory sure is good! I remember very little from when my little sister was born. Although I remember with clarity as my dad drove my mom to the hospital. I remember shouting after them, "name her Elizabeth!" They didn't. I was 4 years old. That's the only memory I have of my sister's babyhood. lol!