Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Priceless Weekend

This has been a great weekend here with our family. So good I have not even showered in the past two days...that's what I call a great weekend! (Be glad that computers don't have scratch and sniff yet!)
Saturday my husband had to go in to work early, early enough for me to bi-pass the shower before he left. Hoss needed to get his glasses repaired (which resulted in new frames, apparently the life span of glasses is approximately 3 months for a toddler) so we needed to head out early before the weather got too bad (it was already snowing). So Hoss got a bath (actually 2 this weekend! at least some one did) prior to leaving and we headed to get the glasses fixed. That took a lot less time than I thought so we stopped by the mall to hit a few sales. Then Hoss Cat and I stopped and rented a couple movies for our snowy weekend inside. D came home and we hung around the house doing a few weekend chores and just enjoying our time together.
This morning church was cancelled due to the weather so we stayed in and watched church TV. Again, we just enjoyed our family time together. This has been very rewarding for all of us. We are going to be busy the next couple weekends traveling to visit family and friends. Quality time is priceless!

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Janelle said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend. We played in the snow, it's getting really deep for the boys to play in though, but they had so much fun!