Thursday, February 15, 2007

I sure didn't expect this!

As I have mentioned before my son wears prescription glasses (which have broke and will be repaired on Saturday, ugh!). He first received these at 13 months old, but this was not the first of his medical concerns. Oh no, this is just the last of several and beginning of more I am sure.

I guess I should have figured out the pattern the past year would take when Hoss Cat weighed 10 lbs at birth and was breech, but he was healthy and a happy baby. And then it all started, day one of life I am told he could not be circumcised due to "hypospadias" and would need to see a pediatric urologist. I had no idea what the heck they were telling me, but learned that this would lead to surgery at 7 months (which he has healed from and is doing great!)

And then on day 2 I am told that he needs to have a routine hip ultrasound, as a requirement for all breech babies. big deal, at the age of 5 days he goes and has a hip ultrasound, only to be diagnosed with hip displasia. This could have lead to braces on his legs, but luckily, his hips were able to correct on their own, which was discovered after his second hip ultrasound at 6 weeks. Praise God for that!

Then at 1 week old, he develops blocked tear ducts in both eyes...the right one was able to open on it's own, but at 5 months he had to have the left tear duct surgically opened. He still hates for me to wipe his eyes, which I did several times a day for 5 months and applied an ointment (no, not drops, an ointment on the eyelid) 4 times a day!

And then around 2 weeks I noticed he was could not hold his head straight at all and was always tipping this. This lead to a diagnosis of torticollis at 3 months of age and physical therapy for the next 8 months as well as a neck brace at the end of the therapy.

The physical therapy led to an eye exam around 8 months of age to check for an eye concern which could be have caused the torticollis. Well, there were no concerns causing the neck tilt, but he did not have an under-developed upper gaze, meaning he can not look up unless he throws his head back and he was farsighted. I thought, oh, no big deal, a little farsightedness, all kids have a little farsightedness.

And then it happened...the follow up appointment came and my concerns that he does not make eye contact up close led to a $200+ pair of glasses. (Of course, we could not wait until our vision insurance kicked in on January 1).

Yes, he is adorable with his little glasses (he looks like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story"), but he is a baby!

I thank God daily for the blessing he has given me, but I continue to think, what is next? I am preparing for tubes in his ears...he has had 4 double ear infections in his short life and the last one required 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear up.

We will just trust in God for guidance and comfort.


yofed said...

I love your blog! I'm also 26, and just quitting my job after having baby #2 (9lbs 14oz)... My son also had similar problems at birth, blocked tear ducts, birthmark, now glasses, but now he is doing great, at 34 months...

Your little guy is adorable! I'll definitely come back! Good luck with your little tornado!

Janelle said...

We had trouble with ear infections with one of our sons and at the suggestion of our chiropractor, limited his dairy and put him on soy milk. The milk they drink causes the mucus in the ears to be thick and difficult to drain=ear infections. The soy doesn't make the mucus thick so it can drain easier. He had no ear infections after switching to soy, and after about 8 months put him back on cow's milk and he's still doing fine. Just wanted to pass on what helped us!