Monday, February 26, 2007

Imaginations running wild!

Over the weekend we visited with my family. My mom's birthday was on Sunday so the family all traveled to celebrate. Saturday several family members got together for supper and birthday celebrations. This consisted of 5 kids ages 4, 2, 21 months, 16 months, and 2 months. Anytime this combination is made fun is had by all!

Four of the five played under the dining room table along with my mom. My nephew was pretending to be on a train telling everyone, "Choo, Choo. All Aboard!" While Hoss was in and out, crawling through the crowd and under the chairs.

We were serenaded in a piano concert several times (as you can see above).

Hoss experienced his first dog biscuit...yes, he attempted to eat a dog treat. He also helped with the party clean up!

We also learned that a Pringles can makes a really cool "popper" when it is empty. Just squeeze the tube and the top pops off. Two year olds enjoy this greatly. I was amazed to see the imaginations come alive with this group. I can't wait to experience this with Hoss. was your weekend?

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Sara said...

LOL!! The Boy always wants to sit in the DW, too. I never let him, always worried about the door snapping off. It must just look like a cool little stool to them? My girls did it, too.

Like your site LOTS!