Saturday, February 17, 2007

Future Ebert or Ropert?

I couldn't stand not sharing this adorable picture with you all. This is little Hoss Cat participating in one of his favorite activities...TV viewing. Yes, I know, it's not good for a little one to watch TV...let's not judge here folks! Ha! I just love the way he has begun to stand with his hands behind his back all prim and proper. It cracks me up! Right now he is participating in another favorite activity, reading. He has been sitting down "reading" his books for the past 10 minutes. I love to hear his baby babble reading. His new favorite book is "Brown Bear." His favorite page is the sheep, as soon as he gets the book he turns the pages as fast as he can until he finds the sheep and then says "Baa!" "Baa!" and makes sure someone else sees the "Baa!" This is great improvement since the first time he saw the "Baa!" he said "Moo!" Ahhh...he's gonna be a genius! Or maybe another Ebert or Robert! I love this age!

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