Monday, March 16, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week Ten

Well, this week I was shocked by the scale.

I believe it was a fluke.

Maybe it was the 2 1/2 inches I got cut off my hair this week.

Or the fact I wore jeans to my weigh-in last week and I did not this week.

Maybe it's the fact that my load at work is making me move a lot more than I typically do.

Whatever, the case, I was thrilled and mystified with my 6 pound weight loss this week.

If I was publishing this in a Weight Watchers magazine there would be an asterik after "6 pound" and a small note stating, "results are not typical."

And they aren't, but I don't care. I'm loving it!

This 6 pounds brings my total 10 week weight loss to 32.8 pounds. Who needs the Biggest Loser when you have Weight Watchers?

Maybe my 6 pound loss this week is related to my new favorite drink.

Oh, the Diet Dr. Pepper with Cherry is wonderful. An addiction. My new love.

Here's a Diet. Dr. Pepper with Cherry toast to another week toward my goal. Only 117.8 pounds left to go!


Anonymous said...

JUMP...JUMP...CLAP...CLAP...Whoo Hooot!!!!!
If you could see me you would know that I am so happy for you!!!
I think I need to try that new Dr Pepper. I love diet Dr Pepper, and I love cherry stuff, so I think I would like it.
Have a good week.

Oh and I bet it's not the 2" you got cut off...It's the hard work you have put forth with your goal.

Love ya Jess,

Janelle said...

Holy smokes! That's a lot in one week--that's like Biggest Loser numbers and you don't even have a trainer and people telling you what to eat/do.

You are amazing! I am so excited for you-and it was all you!

You go girl!

Keep up the great work!!!

Natalie said...

That is awesome! I need to get myself motivated now....I am just glad it is getting warmer so I can get outside and do stuff now. Want to start walking together some>?

MJ said...

I love that new Cherry Diet Dr Pepper too, it's awesome!