Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What an exciting weekend.

My parents had a guest speaker at their church this past Sunday to kick off a new sermon series called "The Core." Since the speaker is very popular, it as quite a packed crowd. They required pre-registration. It was exciting to see the opportunities their church had to reach out to the community just because a famous television "star" was in their church.

I made the hour and a half trip over to their neck of the woods to visit. I couldn't miss out an opportunity to see Kate Gosselin.

Yes, the Kate Gosselin, from Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I know there are lots of haters of the Gosselin family around the blogosphere and internet world. I am refraining from judging because I know that the editing room brings out the worst in people at times, but also because God tells me not to judge. Plus, if there was a camera in my home, there would be lots of haters of me too.

Anyway, Kate (we are on a first name basis here), spoke to the two church services and later in the afternoon had a book signing.

The book signing is when I was able to stand two feet away from her as she autographed my copy of her book. We were given strict orders that "Kate does not pose for personal pictures, she is not able to converse, and will only sign her name due to time constraints." And boy, was that true. She barely made eye contact with me. But I did note she has nice smelling perfume. And enjoys chewing gum.

I'm sure there are good reasons for these types of regulations. I'm sure she had a plane to catch back to Pennsylvania. But I'm not famous or anything, so what do I know?

I did catch a quick photo-op.

I couldn't get out of there without doing it. What kind of blogger would I be if I just told you I "met" someone famous and didn't have proof?

Just an ordinary, not so famous one, I guess.


Bobbi said...

How exciting! I still enjoy watching Jon and Kate plus 8, but I try not to say that in public because people look at me like I'm crazy! I love tuning in just to see what Kate's going to say/do next...

Janelle said...

I've never seen the show (we don't have any sort of cable) but I hear people talk, and what I will say it that if there were cameras in our house, lots of people would have different opinions of all of us in my family! I know what it takes to get our family of 6 moving and organized and I can only imagine what it would be like for them! I'm not casting any stones, that's for sure.

How fun that you got to meet her and have her sign a book!

Fratzels said...

That's very cool. I like her a lot and don't understand why people wouldn't like her. I haven't read any blogs that say they don't like her, but that's probably because it would be a blog I wouldn't like.