Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bootcamp for teens

Lately my heart has been saddened by the number of teen pregnancies that are affecting those close to me. I am a believer in abstinence until marriage. I know that others may disagree, but this is my blog and I can say what I want to.

I have been contemplating how I can make a change in our society. What kind of role should I hold in helping to prevent teenagers from having to handle the stresses of a newborn.

Last night I realized the perfect prevention method. Three year old bootcamp.

Let's take a 3 year old boy who becomes hyper when taking cold medicine. This three year old has a runny nose that he likes to wipe with his shirt sleeve. As soon as the three year realizes his shirt is dirty he insists on taking it off. If he can't take it off, a temper tantrum errupts and he falls to the floor screaming and yelling.

We'll add a round of strong antibiotics for this three year old because he was exposed to whooping cough.

Oh, did I mention that this three year old is partially potty trained. He will pee pee in the potty, but definitely will not poo.

The strong antibiotics cause said three year old to have, shall we say, less than solid poo.

The three year old decides to get out of bed, take his night-time pull-up off, and poo, the less than solid version, in seven different areas of his bedroom.

Let's say you check on said three year old and realize that not only has he poo'd on the floor, but he has walked in it, put his hands in it and possibly ate it.

You get the carpet cleaner, run the bath water and try to maintain your cool. You spend the next hour, scrubbing the carpet on your hands and knees, removing bedding, wiping down walls and furniture, bathing the child and washing laundry.

Not to mention throwing away several toys that were contaminated beyond repair.

Said three year old will then not fall asleep until 10:30p.m. You still have at least 2 loads of laundry to complete.

The next morning your alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. You have to wake the three year old who still has a runny nose, cough and less than solid poo at 6:15 a.m. Remember, the three year old had less than 8 hours of sleep.

You have to maintain your composure, assist with dressing, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, putting on shoes/coat, loading in to the car, driving to school, dropping off at school, then going on to work.

You repeat this for the next four days when the child gets to continue the strong dose of antibiotics.

Let's hope when things heat up between you and your boyfriend, you will remember the horrible nasty smell that occurred when you had to clean up the less than solid poo and the feelings of frustration, inadequacy and exhaustion you felt.

Don't forget, this is just one kid. Imagine if you had more than one.

Jessica's 3 year old bootcamp for teens will be open for business next month.


Natalie said...

Sounds like you have your hands full right now! I agree though that the bootcamp is a wonderful idea.

Bobbi said...

Great idea for a bootcamp!!

As a mother of 3, I've been there and done that, even bought the tee shirt!

Janelle said...

Ah! I feel your pain! Hang in there. I'm of the same opinion as you, and I think bootcamp would be great. We could add in my 4 (1,3, 5,7) just to round it out for different ages!

Poor Hoss, it's not fun for him either.

Rebecca said...

do it!!! most that i have heard speak, think it will bring them closer together... and that it is cute... they don't see past the small bundle of joy that sleeps and eats...

hang in there love- i will be praying for you