Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perty by Thirty -- Week 11

Well, this week was shocking.

The numbers written on my weight chart was 4.4.

But it was 4.4 pounds GAINED!


I knew last week's 6 pound weight loss was a fluke.

I didn't even know you could gain 4.4 pounds in 7 days.

I guess it may have been the onion rings, hot fudge sundae, chocolate milkshake...oh, you get the drift.

I'm committed to turning this around this week! Wish me luck.


Janelle said...

You're still at a great place though so don't let this one week deter you! Keep on keeping on!

Natalie said...

Everybody has bad weeks just keep on working hard.

MJ said...

Hey, I got the cookies you sent me, Thanks! They're great. Stop over at my blog, I just posted about Kroger's Dr. Pepper deal (I saw in a previous post how much you like the new Cherry Diet Dr Pepper)

Bobbi said...

It could be water weight gain. Just stay on the wagon and you'll make it up next week!

Jessie said...

Just keep with it. Don't let a week get you down! It's the natural eb and flow of things. I am so proud of your progress so far!
You rock!