Monday, March 9, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week Nine

Look what I got today!

I hit the 25 pound mark!

This week I lost 2.4 pounds, bringing my nine week total to 26.8 pounds.

I had an insightful week as I learned that I AM a stress eater. I never thought I ate when I was stressed, I just thought I ate all the time, regardless of my emotions. One day last week I came back to my office after a stressful meeting at work and I immediately had the desire to shove food in my mouth. Any type of food, I just wanted it.

I consciously realized that I only wanted to eat because I was stressed. I was not hungry in any way. I didn't eat at that time. I knew I didn't need to eat, I just wanted to, so I found some hidden strength in my gut and went on about my day without stress eating.

I can't say I did that well the rest of the week, but I have at least discovered my stress eating habits and am trying not to give in to those desires.


Bobbi said...


Janelle said...

That's awesome! You are well on your way to "Perty by Thirty"!!! I'm so glad you are discovering things about yourself and your eating habits too-it will help so much in your weight loss journey.

Keep it up!

Fratzels said...

That's so awesome! I am so happy for your - keep it up. Now that you know your a stress eater, what are you going to do about it? How will you relieve your stress now?

Guinevere Meadow said...

Congratulations! That's a big milestone. Keep it up!

Ang said...

Somehow I missed this post, so even though it's late....CONGRATULATIONS my friend!! YOu're doing amazing :)

Natalie said...

YAY! That is awesome! I stess eat too so I know exactly what you are talking about. I ate nonstop this past week until we got mom's results.