Sunday, December 16, 2007

Injury #1

This morning did not go as planned. As I was drying my hair, preparing for church, Hoss came into the bathroom. He was playing with he bath toys sitting beside the tub so I didn't focus too much attention on him. However, minutes later I regretted that decision.

He grabbed a razor from the bathtub and cut one of his fingers. Blood was everywhere and he was not happy. After 10 minutes of attempting to stop the bleeding we decided we needed to get his finger checked out. So away we went to the Urgent Care center.

The cut was not deep, but he sliced off a good piece of his pointer finger on his right hand. They glued the wound closed and bandaged his hand up. The bandaging makes his injury appear much more severe then it is because we wanted to be sure he would leave it alone so it will heal.

Despite the trauma and the bandage, nothing is stopping Hoss from playing.

Thankfully the injury was minor and is not affecting him much! *Sigh* It's going to be an adventure raising this kid!


Mrs. Who said...

It's just amazing how fast they can manage to hurt themselves. There is no way to think of everything they can possibly do. I'm glad it wasn't worse - he seems to be fine in the pictures!

Jessica said...

I'm glad he is ok. Claire got one of mine once and started sucking on it. They are quick little boogers!

Pam said...

Oh my goodness! I can certainly relate. Mine haven't cut themselves with razors, but they have had their share of accidents are near-misses!

Fratzels said...

Yikes! It's amazing how fast and inquisitive they are. I'm glad he wsn't more seriously hurt.

Jessie said...

AAAAAHHH!!! That gives me chills...a friend of mines son just cut his thumb and went to the ER...and now Jake! I am glad he's okay. I am glad you are okay!