Friday, November 9, 2007

It's time for a change

I'm not a big music connoisseur, but I do love TV. MTV was totally made for people like me (okay, if they played music videos they would be for me, but anyway...). My husband is quite the connoisseur of popular music (and even some not so popular). He showed me this video last night.

It's a catchy song. If you listen to any "pop" music station it's played, at least once every hour. I love the concept of the video. We all sing the words to songs, so why not a video of it! It's simple and I love it!

When I was watching the video last night I was bothered by one thing. The song has some curse words (the "a" word and other variations) which are bleeped from the song, but other words bleeped just did not make sense. "Pills" and "Drugs" were edited out as well. I understand the need to deter people from participating in illegal activities, including illegal drug use, but why aren't more things edited. Like "Family Guy" or "South Park" which ridicule people on all levels. We hear worse words on prime time television every evening. These are not edited.

Where are the morals people? And who is deciding what is edited and what is not? I find it appalling. We need to raise our standards.

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Qtpies7 said...

Thats what my dd says, lol. I don't listen to the song unless she happens to be in the car turning the stations. It drives her nuts that the drugs and stuff is left in but some swear words are bleeped out.
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