Monday, January 5, 2009

A perfectionist or a procrastinator?

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I am sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have had plenty to post about, but haven't been able to find the time to clear my head in order to write it.

As usual, I have taken on too many projects and responsibilities all at once and it appears that only more are going to be coming.

I was just visiting Myspace for a few minutes and I noticed someone's bulletin heading said "I'm so bored."

Oh, I only WISH I was bored.

My to do list looks something like this:

* Do a load of jeans
* Do a load of towels
* Finish sorting my coupons
* Finish making my 2 week dinner menu
* Clean Hoss' room
* Sort Hoss' toys and "sneak" them out of his room so he doesn't see what we are going to get rid of
* Find a place to hide the toys we are getting rid of so Hoss doesn't sneak them back into his bedroom
* Sort Hoss' clothes for spring/summer for consignment
* Clean old car seats and high chair
* Take pictures of car seats and high chair and any other items to sell on craigslist
* Post items on craigslist
* Balance my checkbook (this one I'm sure I'll put off for a long time)
* Pay bills online
* Work a full time job, plus overtime (so I can pay the aforementioned bills)
* Make photobook for Hoss (with my free shutterfly code expiring soon)
* Make calendar for 2009 before January is over (another free shutterfly code!)
* Figure out how to add about four more hours in each day
* Come up with ideas for BG Moms blog posts, my creativity is lacking
* Watch the TV shows racking up on DVR
* Prepare Sunday school lesson for coming week
* Clean my bedroom which will begin with cleaning out the closets (both of them), getting rid of un-needed items, filing paperwork, change the sheets, actually make the bed, etc, etc.
* Play the Wii (ok, so maybe this isn't a priority, but my procrastination technique)
* SLEEP! (I HAVE to add it to my to-do list or else it doesn't happen)

Another friend's Myspace page had the quote, "I'm a perfectionist trapped inside a procrastinator's body."

I may not totally be a perfectionist, but I thrive to be. However, procrastination always takes over.

I will hopefully be around more often now that the holidays are over and our schedule is back to normal.


Bobbi said...

Arrgh ... your to do list looks a lot like mine! Just remember - baby steps. And if all else fails - "Wii would like to play!"

Natalie said...

I agree with Bobbi. I have about the same amount of stuff to do, but procrastination always takes over. Besides I work better under pressure. Wait to the last minute and then franticaly race around getting it done. Who's with me?

Rebecca T said...

I am with you Natalie...better under pressure.

Who says you can't be the perfect procrastinator!

Mocha Dad said...

Your list looks like mine also. I always make the Wii number one, though.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Life would get boring if everything was always done!

I LOVE that quote! It describes me perfectly!

Janelle said...

I hear ya!