Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm 09, Stuck again

I can't believe it. For the second day in a row our cars won't move.

We don't have a garage or any shelter for our cars and we park on a slight incline. With the layer of ice under our cars and behind our cars we aren't able to move them. I'm going to spend some time later today trying to shovel the snow and ice in front of them to try to get them to move.

Hoss is very upset about being stuck in the house for the third day in a row. He was very excited about getting to leave this morning and then was let down when we couldn't get the cars moving.

I told him we will go outside later today and walk around the neighborhood and play in the snow. However, neither of us have snow boots. Something I have decided I have to get before the next winter season.

I always made fun of my mom when I was a kid for carrying her snow boots in the car during the winter months. Now, I wish I had listened to her advice. I'm sure her feet are warm right now.

I have also decided I need to invest in a hat of some type before next year. And maybe even ear muffs. I'll also be sure to look for a scarf. I am totally not prepared for winter at all. I do have gloves though!

The weather forecast looks like we won't be warm enough to thaw until Saturday or Sunday. Then another winter storm is coming Monday and Tuesday.

I am done with this. Seriously. Done.


Lizzybee said...

Yea, I barely got out of my driveway this morning and I have a SUV with all-wheel drive! Good luck!
None of our neighborhood roads are plowed at all yet. I still managed to make it in to work today.
Advice on the snow boot situation? Tie Kroger plastic bags around your feet and tuck them up into your pants. It will help keep the wetness out. Santa invested in snow boots for Moose from Mejier, they were only $9 I think. I love my snow boots-Cory always makes fun of mine.

Natalie said...

Yeah snow boots are on my list for me and Daniel. I am sure Jeff is too cool to wear them but we will be sporting some next year. I have hats, gloves, scarves and all that but I need a good winter jacket too. I wish I could stay in AL until winter was over.

Fratzels said...

Perhaps an extension cord and a hairdryer to melt the snow???? That really stinks - in the house for 3 days - arghhhhh!!! You know, you can get some really good deals on snow gear now for yourself, but you can buy hoss cheaper snow boots at wal-mart and still enjoy the snow you have.

Jessie said...

SERIOUSLY!!! ME TOO!!!! I love snow - but honestly. How many icebergs am I going to have to climb over to get to my car?!

Terri said...

Kid's snow boots on clearance (spiderman) at K-mart. $15 and they had snow pants for same price. I got my son some the night before the storm. Well spent money.