Thursday, November 6, 2008

Veggies dancing on stage, the best Saturday afternoon activity!

This past Saturday Hoss, Gigi, and I went to Veggie Tales Live in Louisville.

Hoss enjoys watching Veggie Tales so I thought he would enjoy the show, but I was apprehensive as Hoss often does not like crowded, unfamiliar places. He did pretty good, considering this. Before the show started he whispered or spoke quietly, "Wanna get out?" indicating he wanted to leave. I knew leaving the room for a few minutes would only make it worse so we didn't leave.

He did okay, but insisted on sitting on my lap the majority of the time. I think the music and characters scared him a little at first.

The show was cute. A bit corny, but it's for kids, so what do you expect?

Hoss tried to fall asleep about 20 minutes in, but I managed to encourage him to stay awake for the majority of the show. He fell asleep about 3/4ths of the way through. It was that or a scream fest so we went with the sleep.

Otherwise, Hoss had a good time. He definitely enjoyed his time visiting with Gigi and Grandpa throughout the weekend.


Natalie said...

Yeah Daniel was a little apprehensive at Disney Playhouse Live last year too. Of course once he saw all the toys for sale he was ok! He had to settle for a tshirt though. All the rest of the stuff was WAY expensive

Bobbi said...

Those large "veggies" would have scared me! I afraid of clowns and people dressed up in those types of costumes!