Friday, November 14, 2008

He is only three, yet he comes home with homework

Tuesday there was a piece of yellow paper in Hoss' backpack with a picture of a turkey. It had instructions to decorate the turkey creatively and return it to school today.

Well, that sounds like a challenge to me, folks.

I can be creative.


I searched our art supplies and wouldn't you know that we had NO construction paper. Or feathers. I just HAD to have feathers.

Off I went to Wal-Mart and purchased the needed supplies.

Last night Hoss and I sat down to work on his first ever school project.

Hoss thought ripping up the piece of brown contruction paper for the body of the turkey was the best part. Well, actually, smearing the glue everywhere and rubbing the feathers on his hands and face was fun as well.

The final product met my satisfaction.

And that's our first completed school project. Many more are sure to come.


Jessica said...

Great job, Hoss!! What a cute project!

Fratzels said...

So cute!!!

Natalie said...

At least it was not MATH homework lol. That is cute though.

Bobbi said...

Great job! I still have the first turkey my youngest did - the tail feathers are made from construction paper hand prints we cut out and glued on!