Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're still trekking on

I haven't completed much "live blogging" on the Potty Training process today, but I have completed some housework and other daily tasks like bathing, something that did not occur yesterday.

We haven't had much success on the pottying front today. Currently Hoss is sitting on the potty again. I have tried a little bit of a different strategy today, sitting for long periods of time. You can see our TV from the bathroom so I put the potty chair near the doorway of the bathroom and I have turned on Hoss approved TV. He will sit on that potty for a long time with no problems. And with no peeing either, unfortunately.

He has had one wet accident today which I have not figured out how that happened. I haven't found the "spot" yet either, which scares me a bit. I just hope it wasn't in the toy box, which I haven't checked yet.

Naptime is soon and I have an afternoon of activities for myself. Hopefully I will get back with you all in the early evening. And let's hope that by that time we will have had some success for the day.

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