Friday, April 4, 2008

Is this how I know that I'm getting old?

The following coversation was discussed in my house last night.

Me: I really want to see the movie, Leatherheads.

Me too.

Me: Maybe we should go tomorrow night.

Hubs: Let me check the movie times online.

A few minutes later

Hubs: The earliest time I can find is 7p.m.

Me: Are there not any earlier times?

Hubs: Let me keep checking. Nope, 7p.m. is the earliest.

Me: UGH. If we go at 7, we won't get out until after 9, then we won't be able to be home until around 10, after we go pick up Hoss (at the grandparent's house). That is so late. Hoss will be asleep and then he'll wake up on the way home and be a major grump. Maybe we can go some other time.

Hubs: Yeah, that is pretty late to be out.

At that moment I realized just how old we are. We don't even want to be out of the house past 8p.m. It's a sad reality.


LizzyBee said...

HaHa! We've realized this recently too.
Plus-have you noticed all the commercials showing young moms are now OUR AGE?! I noticed how young and beautiful the mom was on a bath toy that Moose and I were playing with, and then I noticed she was MY AGE. Rude shock.

Jessie said...

AAAAAAAHH!!! We're so old!!! I never thought we'd be here - in "adulthood"! Let's be crazy and stay out until 8:15 one night and let eachother know how it was...

Janelle said...

Not old-just a parent to a small child. Now if you grt the grandparents to keep him overnight you're in business!